Dark Heresy: Calixis Commission


War Room, Resolution Class Battleship Merciless Fury

– As seen through the eyes of Miki –

When we were summoned to the Calixis sector, it didn’t cross my mind how important this mission would be. Rorken has called upon the Freeblade Salvador Brown, the Technomancer Kaine, the Archivist S’chuwck and a mysterious Biomancer who calls herself Durga. Each had their battalions with them; a veritable force with varied specialties. It was not clear to me then why Rorken gathered such a group. I thought I was only to transport them to Skorgulian for supplies or introduce them to traders round the area. Little did I know that this mission truly would require all kinds of skills, even that of an unworthy kind.

Yes, they call me the Unworthy Child. Miki was the name my parents gave me many a score ago, the same parents I betrayed in order to be spared by the Imperium. My experience of alien technology has been my blessing and my curse: it certainly has enriched my knowledge of the known universe, but it has stunted my growth. An accident when I was twelve years old exposed me to a strange kind of radioactive material; and my body has never developed since. The radiation merely turned my skin to a yellowish pale color and singed my black hair to a dark indigo sheen. I was hoping for the feminine shape my mother had but year after year came and I never changed. I have stopped counting. I have much business to do.

And this mission was business as usual.

Rorken sent us a message through the astropath in the conference room of the great battleship. He informed us that the planet Skorgulian is being infested by aliens. It has been reported that Orks are trying to destroy this forge planet. This planet must be secured because it produces weapons and supplies for the entire Calixis Sector. Rorken placed Durga, the psycher, in command. He also commanded that we brief the captains of our battalions immediately.

Realizing the urgency of the mission, the captain used the Warp to zip us through space to the remote planet Skorgulian. We have hardly touched the planet’s moon orbit when a huge figure loomed in from the Warp. From afar, it looked like a huge asteroid heading straight towards Skorgulian. We soon realized that it was a spacehulk: a floating trashbin from the depths of the Warp. It had several abandoned ships, and pieces of ships stuck together forming a gigantic mass of space waste. Upon investigation, we see an entire fleet of savage Ork ships fly from the spacehulk into the planet.

We rendezvoused with the main battle fleet and we felt some ships explode. We felt our own battleship shake and heard the alarms blare. The ship captain warns the crew “The Orks have boarded!”

The explosion screwed the synapses of the Navigator, leaving the control bridge a complete mess. We ran to the bridge and found that we still had life-support but navigation and weapons went down.

Each of the elite squad tried to contact their captains. All they heard were desperate screams for help, and then some, of death. We knew that we had to abandon ship. Durga suggested we use stealth to get out in order to avoid the majority of the Orks. Salvador agreed to head the way.

The pods were berthed on Level 3. The armory was on Level 4. All the other levels were locked-down red zones. Kaine, the Technomancer, tapped into the ship’s machine spirit to activate the sensors and scan for life-signs. He found that there were only 127 left of the mighty crew, and of the four battalions. He also reported gravely, “The auspex has picked up 300 unfriendly lifeforms.”

Durga ordered the remaining armsmen on Level 3 to protect the vehicles in this area.

“All elevators are operational.” Kaine reported from the dataport. “And the paths around the elevators are clear of enemy lifeform.”

S’chwuck finds data in the cogitator for more info. He finds that all elevators are right next to wide corridors and stairs. Durga decides to that we take the stairs in the middle. We drop down through Q3. Kaine suggests that since our men hold the line surrounding the elevators, we take the elevators.


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