Character Tidbit : Durga

–Miki on Durga–

That haughty little hive-born brat. She’s like all those in the upper stratum, with their noses turned up to those in the lower dregs, in the void….and everybody else. All those party girls are so vain, no wonder she became a biomancer.

She calls herself Durga, and she lately she prefers a strong, sinewy form. But no one really knows how she looks like. She has created herself an athletic form that does not hide her curves, but rather even shows them off. She does love showing them off, even through her armor.

She’s not vain about her hair, though. She just pulls it back in a high ponytail. It’s wine-colored and thick and seems to move with her.

She tells us that she’s sort of a gladiator back home, but I don’t buy any of it. I mean, why could a socialite from the upper strata debase herself with fighting in Sewertown? And for what? Money? As if she ever needed to lift a finger to get what she wanted. My parents, on the other hand, taught me how to earn my own living and be my own boss.

The Imperium issued her a standard armor but she also had one made out of silver covered in palladium. They gave her a powerblade, she had another one made so she can brandish two at a time. Talk about overkill. She claims it all comes from her street fighting spoils.

She claims that she won’t ever ask anything of her overprotective parents. To them she was a freak because of her shape-shifting gift.

Now if only I did not relate so well with that. If only I didn’t try to emulate her elegant but powerful moves in battle. And if only we didn’t make a good team. Maybe I would hate her. But I really couldn’t.

People are unnerved by her bio-enhanced cat eyes, especially when they glow in the dark. But I can see through them. And I see that beyond all that loudness is a deep wisdom. Beyond all that flashiness, is a cautious and analytical mind.

No, I cannot truly hate her.


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