Character Tidbit — Miki

Yes, they call me the Unworthy Child. Miki was the name my parents gave me many a score ago, the same parents I betrayed in order to be spared by the Imperium. They raised me in a carrier ship that specialized in the trade and transport of Xenotech. My experience of alien technology has been my blessing and my curse: it certainly has enriched my knowledge of the known universe, but it has stunted my growth. An accident when I was twelve years old exposed me to a strange kind of radioactive material; and my body has never developed since. The radiation merely turned my skin to a yellowish pale color and singed my black hair to a dark indigo sheen. I was hoping for the feminine shape my mother had but year after year came and I never changed. I have stopped counting. I have much business to do. And this was only one of those missions.

I have dealt with all kinds of races but I have never understood my own kind. Humans have always feared the unknown; so much that they seek to destroy knowledge that they don’t comprehend. My family has used this scarcity, and illegality, of such technology to our benefit. Our illicit fortune soon turned into whispered infamy across the Void. The Imperium took notice and placed a hefty bounty on our heads. I simply chose to survive…Nor does the Imperium own me. I may work under its shadow, but I live on its tail: I do as I please as long as it has its back turned to me. And now it’s business as usual.


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