Character Tidbit – Rush


-Salvador Brown on Rush-


Who is this old guy anyways? Does he think he can push me around with that big armor and assault cannon? I don’t need such trifles. Leave that heavy stuff to the Tech Priests and Space Marines.


You know what he loves more than his big shiny guns? His title. He calls himself Honorable Chaplain of the Mentors Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. He brandishes his claim to fame with his Rosarius and the skull on his helmet. We assassins don’t need such labels. Pooh!


I pestered him in the Pod. He couldn’t stand interviews, he said. Like the celebrity he is? Hah!


All I learned is that he was born on a forge world that’s why most of his skin had been damaged by chemicals. His skin was burnt bronze and his hair turned white. He was friends with some of the Tech Priests so he is pretty handy with whirligigs.


I decided not to annoy him too much. If I get him on my side, he might be handy some day. That servitor was kind of useful.


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