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Durga’s Willpower

Posted in WH40K:Dark Heresy with tags , , , , on January 15, 2009 by sundaygamers

Skorgulian isn’t too far from our launch site; but without a navigator, I couldn’t properly go through ports. Looking out in despair, I felt a sharp chill at the base of my spine…

But wait, the cold didn’t come from outside. I turned to my fellow refugees and I spotted Durga unhooking her safety belt. She moved over to a wounded Imperial Guard. She touched the poor man’s forehead and chanted loudly.

Rush nervously fiddled his thick thumbs. I knew what he was thinking. The entire pod felt colder and colder with Durga’s psychic aura. Please, not in space! I prayed. I sensed another presence, another kind of chill that wasn’t like Durga. It felt more sinister, like something filling your lungs with sand.

I’m not really a psyker but I swear I heard Durga speak in a voice that sounded like a dozen children. “You are mine now, foolish one. You have called me and I have come.” It said.

I felt a crackle of electricity coming from our friend and she snapped back to her normal voice. “You would not wish me to call you by name, daemon.”

“I am nameless.” It replied. “I, who will not be named, will now take your name…and your soul.”

A sharper shot of electricity and frost crept across the walls. Durga’s cat eyes turned to an icy silver color, almost white. “My body is sacred. No one can have it. Especially not you, MAGINDUSA.”

The monster shrieked and whooshed away, almost taking all of the air in the pod. Durga drops to the floor with a faint smile.

The Imperial Guard was cured completely of his wounds. We sighed in relief and fear. Good thing the daemon didn’t go for his weaker soul. Durga has won, twice in a pod.